Historical Fiction For Kids

If you want to read about a historic event or figure in a fun way you should check out the Magic Tree House series. The library has just received more books from the series and the ones at the Salmon Arm Branch are really great. 

I think its awesome for you to read about historical events in books like this, especially if you are learning about the true history in school or for fun. Try getting a nonfiction (book with facts) on the same topic as the novel.

stage fright on a summer night

Jack and Annie learn about Shakespeare by meeting him and being a part of their play!

You might want to also read:


earthquake in the early morningAnnie and Jack go to San Francisco in 1906 and experience the famous earthquake.

You might also want to check out:


tonight on the titanic

The most famous shipwreck of all!

You might also want to read:

2 thoughts on “Historical Fiction For Kids

  1. There’s also a Canadian series called the Canadian Flyer Adventures by Frieda Wishinsky. Emily and Matt travel back in time on a magic sled to exciting times in Canadian history. Do you have those in Salmon Arm?

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