Sixty Million Snowflakes by Phyllis Aleta Wolfe

Here are the lyrics to one of the holiday songs we are learning at storytime this winter:

Sixty Million Snowflakes -by Phyllis Aleta Wolfe

When I woke up this morning, the snow was falling down. The white stuff was everywhere! I couldn’t see the ground! I couldn’t wait to bundle up and go outside to see just how many snowflakes would land on me!


There must be one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, sixty million snowflakes. Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen sixteen, sixty million snowflakes. Sixty million snowflakes falling from the sky! If the trees and ground can catch them, so can I! Sixty million snowflakes; all I want is one! One little snowflake on my tongue! One little snowflake on my tongue!

Verse 2:

I wore my coat and hat as I walked around outside. My footprints looked like craters that were really deep and wide! The snow was swirling ’round! I stuck my tongue out to the sky! (spoken) You’ll never guess what happened! I got snowflakes in my eye!


Verse 3:

While on my way to school I acted like a tree; in hopes that just one snowflake would want to land on me! This time I shut my eyes and then stuck out my frozen tongue! (spoken) I would have caught a snowflake if the school bell hadn’t rung!


(spoken) Hey! I got one!


4 thoughts on “Sixty Million Snowflakes by Phyllis Aleta Wolfe

    • Which other ones are you looking for? Are you wanting the lyrics to all the songs we sang at our Christmas Pyjama Storytime? One song was “The Christmas Candy Calendar” by Robert Maxwell, and the lyrics are posted on the blog. The other big song we sang was “Must Be Santa” by Hal Moore and Bill Fredricks. The lyrics to this song can easily be found if googled, so I didn’t post them due to time restraints. Did that answer your question, or were you asking something completely different? 🙂

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