Under the Sea Lego Building

This month’s theme for Lego Building was “Under the Sea”. The kids did a great job with their creations! We had such an imaginitive and fun group attend this event.


We always have a Building Challenge at the beginning of the event. The challenge is to build the tallest tower. The kids can work by themselves or as a team. The picture below is of the 2nd place winners. Their tower was 61cm tall. (Our first place winners’ tower tumbled before I was able to take a picture of it, but it was 62cm tall.)

Jan 21- Tallest Tower Challenge-2nd place winners

And here’s the whole group. (Sorry the picture’s a little blurry. I couldn’t get them to all stop moving.) Gotta love some of those funny faces! Jan 21- The Players

See you all next month. Registration for February’s Lego Builders open on Tuesday, February 4 and the program is on Tuesday, February 18th. The age limit is for children attending school and between ages 5-12.

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