What to Do While School’s Not in Session

Are you looking for ideas of what to do while school’s not in session? Come to the library and take part in our Weekly Learning Challenge.

Here’s how it works. At the beginning of each week, a new Learning Challenge will be posted. It is open to all children and youth who are interested in taking part. The challenge will require participants to research various topics/subjects and create a specific visual report to go on display at the library. For example, the challenge could look something like this:

Start Date: Tuesday, September 2

Due Date: 5:00pm Saturday, September 6


Read about a scientific topic of your choice.

Create a poster about that topic to share what you learned.

Submit your poster to the ORL Salmon Arm Branch by or before September 6.

Creativity in presentation is encouraged.

All participants’ names will be entered into a weekly draw to win a prize.

And that, my friends, is your first challenge! Get your thinking caps on. Decide what scientific topic you want to research, and get to work!

I’ll post next week’s challenge on Saturday, September 6. Good luck!


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