Summer Catch-Up

It has undoubtedly been a fun and busy summer. My lack of posts for the past 3 months is testament to that fact. So, let’s get you caught up on all the summer fun at the library.

Story Time in the Park was a wonderful success. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Salmon Arm’s Early Childhood Development Committee for sponsoring this event and making it possible for me to take a little part of the library out of a building and into the parks.

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These photos are all out of order, and I don’t have pictures from every park we went to, but, as you can see, I had a great time!

Summer Reading Club this year was our best yet! We broke personal records in program registration and in the amount of children who earned their SRC medal. Congratulations, Salmon Arm kids!

Here are pictures of some of our programs.

Leif David put on another phenomenal magic show.

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We had a Japanese Calligraphy expert come all the way from Japan to instruct us in this fine art form.

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We had LEGO Story Time every Saturday in July.

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The SPCA came and taught us how to be good companions to our pets as well as how to keep ourselves safe from strange dogs. (Sorry, the pictures are pretty blurry, but they’re all we’ve got.)

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Dr. Recycle came and taught us all how to make cool stuff out of junk.

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And finally, the Okanagan Science Centre came and did a great program on building solid structures.

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Thanks for another exciting summer Salmon Arm!


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