Book Suggestions from a Tween

Top 5 Relaxing Series for Tweens

~ by Xavier

Who wants more work? I don’t! I think these books are easy to read… without being babyish. They are also some of my favourite books!

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid– by Jeff Kinneyindex[6]

This is the first of two “diaries” on this list. It is also the better-known one. It is about a kid named Greg, who is always getting himself in trouble, mostly because his “schemes” never go to plan. I don’t think he’ll ever really learn his lesson…

2. Most books by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton- by Andy Griffiths (obviously)

Although this isn’t a series, it is true. A lot of Andy’s books are easy to read, and hilarious on top of that. While not very smart (but hey, nobody came here for rocket science!) they are relaxing, hysterical, and never cease to amaze! They aren’t for the logical type, though.

3. Garfield– by Jim Davis     index[3]

Who doesn’t love ol’ fat ‘n’ lazy? I think this is a classic at heart. Although most people love this comic, some think it has too much crude humour. These people aren’t right at all, but I’ve learned to read on Garfield books. Good ‘ol fat cat.

4. Big Nate– by Lincoln Pierce

School and summer, war and peace are the thoughts of under average middle schooler, Nate Wright. A lucky guy when it counts, Nate is a bit of a… I honestly don’t know, but he isn’t boring! I recommend it to all the public schoolers indefinitely.

5. Diary of an 8 -Bit Warrior– by Cube Kidindex[8]

An amazing, inventive, and intriguing book. It is my favourite on this list. I like almost everything about it, and there are four books in the series, so I can read all I want! It is set inside Minecraft, and follows the adventures of Runt, a Minecraft villager who wants to become a warrior. I recommend this to anyone who likes Minecraft.

I will wrap this up by saying that I read loads more books than a lot of the people I know, and that I regret I’ve never browsed all of the library. I would also like to thank my mom, who has kept me company and brought me snacks :).


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