It has been a fun filled summer. So fun, in fact, that I haven’t had time to update the blog. Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to in the Salmon Arm branch these days.

Before you look at the pictures, though, I first want to acknowledge our Salmon Arm Friends of the Library group. without our Friends, summer programs wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Thank you Friends!!! (If anyone is interested in joining our Friends group, contact the library for more information. They are always eager to have more people join.)

Outrageous Origami:

We always have a great time doing origami with Eiko. Thanks for sharing your amazing skills with us, Eiko!

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CSISS: What’s Invading Your Neighbourhood?

Thanks CSISS for coming and teaching us about invasive species and how to prevent them from spreading. That bullfrog and tadpole where incredible to see!

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STEAM Adventures:

We had 2 STEAM programs this summer, and both were a tremendous success. A lot of imaginative thinking, building and creating occurred. Who knew Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math could be so much fun?!

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Book Smack & STEAM:

Book Smack & Marshmallow Toss is a ton of fun, but when you add STEAM Adventures it’s an even bigger hit. I tip my hat to all the kids who got up, at the risk of being hit by marshmallows, and talked about a book. You all did a wonderful job!!

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SPCA: Bite Free & Talk Dog:

Thanks Evelyn and Ginger for teaching us how to be bite free and talk dog. We always enjoy learning from and visiting with our SPCA friends.

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Some very creative and fun puppets were made at our Mixed-Uppet program. Well done everyone!

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SRC Celebration: Pirates vs. Sea Creatures

It looks like Pirates won!

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Thanks for all the fun everyone. Keep reading and don’t forget to bring in your completed Reading Record so you can get your Summer Reading Club medal. You have until September 4 to earn your medal and September 12 is when we do the draw for the Challenge Tracker prizes.


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