Mad About…

Do you LOVE farm animals? Then Mad About Chicks Lambs and other Farm Animals is just the book for you.


Tough Guys in History

Do you like learning about warriors? The library has three cool new books that feature fearsome men of the past.

Knight, Gladiator, and Barbarians books give you information about their time, thier jobs and their weapons.


Which one of them do you think is the most interesting?

 I like the Barbarians book the best because it has early alphabets, maps and timelines.

Learning about aging grandparents

If a grandparent has had a stroke or developed a medical condition that changes their ability to play with their grandkids the kids often have questions. My Grandpa Had A Stroke by Dori Hillestad Butler is a good book to help kids understand what’s going and on, and has a section in the back with advice for parents.

This book is sensitive, realistic and optomistic.

Learning good writing and researching habits

Has your teacher assigned a creative writing or research project?

A good place to start is a book from the Ace series. Okanagan Regional Library has books that explain how to get started on a writing assignment, how to search the library, how to do Internet research, and more. These books are for kids who are doing these things for the first time or want to learn how to them better.


We also have new books to make math more interesting, so if you are feeling confused and discouraged come to the library and we will find a book to help you.

Make the most of snow!

Maybe it’s just because I’m from Northern Ontario, but I love snow, and I think if we’re going to live in a place with snow we should make the best of it.

Snow Play by Birgitta Ralston is a fun book full of great ideas for young artist or families who want an activity to do outside. There are tons of creative projects that involve snow, like how to make a Loch Ness monster snow sculpture!

So why not come to the library and learn about how to enjoy winter?

If you’re still too afraid to brave the cold, you could always find a nice book to read somewhere warm and cozy.

Natural Disasters

Looking for some awesome non-fiction? This series is going to spice up your homework or help you understand the news.

The library now has The Science Behind Natural Disasters series, including Wildfires and Earthquakes. Both books tell you what the disaster is, what causes it and how to stay safe if it happens.

Quick facts and cool diagrams included.

Awesome book

The Boys’ Book of Greatness: Even More Ways To Be The Best At Everything is a great book, but I would argue that girls would like it too so it should just be called The Book of Greatness.

Here’s a few things you can learn from this book:

  • How to perform the bottomless cup trick
  • How to block a penalty kick
  • How to break-dance
  • How to recognize deadly snakes

There are all sorts of cool how-tos in this manual to ‘greatness’