SRC: Andy the Musical Scientist

We had a great time with Andy the Musical Scientist on Monday. We were all impressed by the incredible instruments he created out of household items and amazed by the cools sounds he made with them. Summer programs at the library have kicked off to a great start!

Check our website if you are interested in learning more about our summer programs:


Unplug & Play Box Unveiling

Unplug & Play Box InvitationCome to Blackburn Park tomorrow for the unveiling of the Unplug & Play box that was created for Canada’s 150. We will start our event with Story Time in the Park at 10:30.  After story time, we will have Diane and Tori Jewel do a friendship dance. Then there will be presentations by an Early Childhood Development member  , Mayor Nancy, and Shuswap Foundation. Following that we will have our Party in the Park with CCRR!

Looking forward to playing in the park with all of you!

~Cheryl Niemi

Early Childhood Development Chair for Salmon Arm



Teen Book Review

The Borrowed House

The Borrowed House by Hilda van Stockum is one of my favourite single books, that is, not in a series. Set during World War II, this is a story of how a young girl discovers the value of human life, and the true meaning of sacrifice. When I first read the Borrowed House, I had never come into contact with these issues before, and I got scared. Two years later, I read it again and loved it! Now our family owns two copies of this book, which means I can take one when I move out. Yes!

~Ardent Book Lover

Teen Book Review

Redwall series by Brian Jacques

~Review by Ardent Book Lover

I just realized how many book reviews I`ve written on books with deeper meaning. I am now going to change my writing style and write about an adventure series.


The Redwall series, by Brian Jacques, are stories of daring adventures, mystifying riddles, and hilarious comedy. What makes this series unique is that all of the books are about animals, not your common, everyday tales about cute little creatures, but brave, strong, and ferocious beasts. Redwall is a great read when you are in an adventurous mood.

Teen Book Review

The Viking Quest

Series by Lois Walfrid Johnson

LWJVQSET1_large[1]~Review by Ardent Book Lover

The first time I ever heard of the Viking Quest series was when my mother checked it out of the library, thinking that I might enjoy reading about Vikings. I read it to please her, but I wasn`t very enthusiastic about it. The very next time I went to the library, I promptly ordered the rest of the series! From the very beginning, I was caught up in Bree`s life, holding my breath when she was in trouble, and jumping for joy when she was happy. Since then, I think I must have reread the Viking Quest series at least ten times. Now all I can say is “Thank goodness for my mom`s sharp eyes!”

Raiders from the Sea

The year is 1000 BC, and Briana (Bree) O’Toole is celebrating her 13th birthday. As she stares out at the Irish Sea from the hills above her home, she wonders if she will ever see what lies beyond. However, little does she know that she is about to get more than she bargained for! In this epic story of Irish Christians, Viking raids, and mysterious dark secrets, can Bree ever forgive her captor, Mikkel, for taking her away from her home and everyone she loves?

Mystery of the Silver Coins

Bree is heading away from her beloved hills of Ireland to become a Viking slave. Arriving in Norway, Bree discovers that not all Vikings are cruel. She respects Mikkel’s family, but still hates and distrusts Mikkel. In time, can he prove himself worthy of trust?

The Invisible Friend

Held as a slave by Mikkel`s parents, Bree must learn to obey the restrictions put on her as a slave. When ransom money arrives to free Bree, she uses the money to free two younger Irish girls instead. By holding to her faith, Bree learns that, no matter what happens, she will always be free inside.

Heart of Courage

Mikkel promises that if Bree’s brother Devin goes on one more voyage with the Vikings as a storyteller and Mikkel’s friend, Mikkel will release Bree from slavery. Both Devin and Bree want to trust Mikkel, but until he finds a way to set things right between himself and all the Irish he has hurt, Bree and Devin must watch him very carefully.

The Raider’s Promise

Bree is now seventeen, and Mikkel still holds her captive. Through her travels and experiences with the Vikings, Bree has learned to respect Mikkel. However, she waits to see whether he will have the courage to do what is right and give back all he has taken from the Irish people.

2017 Summer Reading Clubs

First, a huge thank you to our Salmon Arm Friends of the Library (FOL) for sponsoring our programs year after year. I don’t know what we would do with out you!

Registration for Summer Reading Club begins Tuesday, June 20 and is free. Just contact the library by email, phone or in person to register. (No online registration is available this year to join the club.)

We have 3 Summer Clubs this year.

  1. Read-to-Me Club for ages 1 – 4 years.
  2. BC Summer Reading Club for ages 5 -12 years.
  3. Summer Challenge Tracker for ages 1 – 18.

We also have free summer programs and contests for students. Registration for these programs is available online and opens 2 weeks before the event. Contact the library or go to our branch page at to register for a program. Children under 9 must be accompanied by an adult. Children 9-11 must have an adult within easy contact.

Here is a list of our programs:

SRC Programs

Here is a list of our contests and sponsors:

SRC Contests

And here is a peek at this year’s Challenge Tracker:

Tracker Prizeschallenge-tracker[1]

Book Suggestions from a Tween

Top 5 Relaxing Series for Tweens

~ by Xavier

Who wants more work? I don’t! I think these books are easy to read… without being babyish. They are also some of my favourite books!

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid– by Jeff Kinneyindex[6]

This is the first of two “diaries” on this list. It is also the better-known one. It is about a kid named Greg, who is always getting himself in trouble, mostly because his “schemes” never go to plan. I don’t think he’ll ever really learn his lesson…

2. Most books by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton- by Andy Griffiths (obviously)

Although this isn’t a series, it is true. A lot of Andy’s books are easy to read, and hilarious on top of that. While not very smart (but hey, nobody came here for rocket science!) they are relaxing, hysterical, and never cease to amaze! They aren’t for the logical type, though.

3. Garfield– by Jim Davis     index[3]

Who doesn’t love ol’ fat ‘n’ lazy? I think this is a classic at heart. Although most people love this comic, some think it has too much crude humour. These people aren’t right at all, but I’ve learned to read on Garfield books. Good ‘ol fat cat.

4. Big Nate– by Lincoln Pierce

School and summer, war and peace are the thoughts of under average middle schooler, Nate Wright. A lucky guy when it counts, Nate is a bit of a… I honestly don’t know, but he isn’t boring! I recommend it to all the public schoolers indefinitely.

5. Diary of an 8 -Bit Warrior– by Cube Kidindex[8]

An amazing, inventive, and intriguing book. It is my favourite on this list. I like almost everything about it, and there are four books in the series, so I can read all I want! It is set inside Minecraft, and follows the adventures of Runt, a Minecraft villager who wants to become a warrior. I recommend this to anyone who likes Minecraft.

I will wrap this up by saying that I read loads more books than a lot of the people I know, and that I regret I’ve never browsed all of the library. I would also like to thank my mom, who has kept me company and brought me snacks :).