SRC: Book Smack & Marshmallow Toss

For some of us, 30 seconds isn’t enough time to say all we want to say about a good book. However, it is long enough to get the audience curious enough to want to read it…while throwing marshmallows to get the speaker to stop talking.

This summer’s Books Smack & Marshmallow Toss has been filled with fast paced book reviews, fast pitched marshmallows, and hilarious Minute to Win It games.

DSCN0032Here are some Book Smackers playing the Minute to Win It game ‘Cookie Face’.


Teen Book Review

This review is written by a teen, but it is geared toward the tween audience. Enjoy!

The Secret IslandThe Secret Island Review

~by Ardent Book Lover

The Secret Island, by Enid Blyton, has the distinction of being the first book that was so exciting that I read it over again half an hour after I had finished it. This story about four orphans who decide to take matters into their own hands, following their unfair treatment at the hands of grownups, shows that children can accomplish anything, if they work together.


SRC: Out of This World!


Colleen O’Hare, a volunteer from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada- Okanagan Centre, enthralled her audience with a wild trip through Space. We learned everything from Black Holes that don’t suck to gamma rays that rudely knock into each other. Now, we are all looking forward to the total eclipse of the sun (not the heart) on August 21! (Yes, the technical term is Total Solar Eclipse, but I couldn’t resist the offhand nod to Bonnie Tyler.)




SRC: Andy the Musical Scientist

We had a great time with Andy the Musical Scientist on Monday. We were all impressed by the incredible instruments he created out of household items and amazed by the cools sounds he made with them. Summer programs at the library have kicked off to a great start!

Check our website if you are interested in learning more about our summer programs:


Unplug & Play Box Unveiling

Unplug & Play Box InvitationCome to Blackburn Park tomorrow for the unveiling of the Unplug & Play box that was created for Canada’s 150. We will start our event with Story Time in the Park at 10:30.  After story time, we will have Diane and Tori Jewel do a friendship dance. Then there will be presentations by an Early Childhood Development member  , Mayor Nancy, and Shuswap Foundation. Following that we will have our Party in the Park with CCRR!

Looking forward to playing in the park with all of you!

~Cheryl Niemi

Early Childhood Development Chair for Salmon Arm




Teen Book Review

The Borrowed House

The Borrowed House by Hilda van Stockum is one of my favourite single books, that is, not in a series. Set during World War II, this is a story of how a young girl discovers the value of human life, and the true meaning of sacrifice. When I first read the Borrowed House, I had never come into contact with these issues before, and I got scared. Two years later, I read it again and loved it! Now our family owns two copies of this book, which means I can take one when I move out. Yes!

~Ardent Book Lover


Teen Book Review

Redwall series by Brian Jacques

~Review by Ardent Book Lover

I just realized how many book reviews I`ve written on books with deeper meaning. I am now going to change my writing style and write about an adventure series.


The Redwall series, by Brian Jacques, are stories of daring adventures, mystifying riddles, and hilarious comedy. What makes this series unique is that all of the books are about animals, not your common, everyday tales about cute little creatures, but brave, strong, and ferocious beasts. Redwall is a great read when you are in an adventurous mood.