What to read Saturday

Saturday is International Read Comics in Public Day and the library has something for everyone. You don’t have to like superheroes in tights (even though they are pretty awesome) to like comics. We have Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys for the mystery lovers, and Babysitters Club and Babymouse if you need more pink in your life. Garfield is here if you need a laugh!

Reading comics and graphic novels develops a different kind of literacy, so why not round out your reading skills?


Learn or Teach about the Environment

Cover art of energy crisisWe have 2 amazing new additions to the nonfiction section today! Polar Ice Caps In Danger by John Nelson and Energy Crisis by Daniel R. Faust.  Both of these books use gorgeous graphic novel format to teach kids about really important issues. If you are learning about the environment or trying to introduce someone to serious environmental issues you will want to come check them out!!