February, March, April & May STEAM

Here’s a quick catch-up on our STEAM activities this past winter. We have had a great time building, creating and exploring with LEGO, KEVA Planks, Ozobots, Little Bits, Magformers and more. Here’s a photo journal of what we did.







The challenge was to build one of the 3 Little Pigs’ house and see if it could stand up to the Big Bad Wolf (a Sphero).


Builders’ Club- May 2017

We had a small but creative group for LEGO Club this month. We can also include KEVA Planks in our building now, so it looks like I’m going to have to change the name of our program.

April Lego: Chocolate Bunnies

Our theme this month was Chocolate Bunnies (anything Easter or spring related). Here are some of the creative things that were built.

Next month’s theme…Wilderness Survival!

March 2017 LEGO Club

This month’s theme was Spring Break Adventures. Not many stuck with the theme, but everyone had a great time creating cool stuff.

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(Sorry that there are no pictures of February’s Lego Club. I forgot the camera that day.)


January’s Unplug & Play LEGO

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We had another exciting LEGO Club this week. There were many creative creations, but I must admit that I was especially impressed by the spinning top and LEGO car ramp built by a few of the older boys. Great building everyone!!

(Video footage of the spinning top and car ramp in action failed to load. Sorry, guys.)


December LEGO: Winter Wonderland

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December LEGO Club was a blast! We didn’t really stick with the Winter Wonderland theme, but that’s the joy of free-building. You can go where your imagination takes you.

Next LEGO Club will be on Thursday, January 26 at 3:30. Registration will open on January 12.

Happy Holidays!


Fall 2016 Lego Club (Updated)

LEGO Club is for ages 5-12. Next time we meet is:

December 8 Theme: Winter Wonderland

Registration begins November 24, 2016, click HERE to register.

November’s gathering was a lot of fun. Not only did we have LEGO, but we also got to play with KEVA planks. Thanks Science World for donating the planks to the ORL!

November’s theme was I Remember. See if you can find creations that followed the theme.

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And here are pictures from our September (Pirates & Desert Islands) and October (Zombie Thanksgiving) gatherings.

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