I Spy A Fun Book

If you like I spy or animals you should check out Animal I Spy: What can you spot?. It is great practice for younger kids at recognizing different types of animals and their body parts like horns or ears.


Fun way to learn about safety

cover art of street safety hintsStreet Safety Hints by Giovanni Caviezel is a great introduction to safety skills for kids.

It explains traffic lights and signs through illustrations.

The coolest part of the book is that it is not shaped like an ordinary book, and it’s fun for kids to turn the pages.

More Canadian Content For SA kids

cover art of hockey numbersThe branch has just received two new board books that are distinctly Canadian. Good Night Montreal features a Canadian city, showing off what it has to offer and featuring diverse characters.

Hockey Numbers is a book that helps kids practice their counting. It is great if you  have a little one interested in sports because it uses their interest to make the counting fun.

It’s great to see Canadian content!

Books for new brothers and sisters

If there are new additions on the way for your family, or a new baby already in the house you may want to consider getting one of Rachel Fuller’s books.

The Salmon Arm Branch recently acquired Waiting for Baby and My New Baby.

Both books are great for introducing a young child to the idea of a sibling and to encourage them to ask questions about what is happening.