Let’s Get Caught Up!

As you can see, I have fallen off of the blogging wagon again. Things at the library have been so eventful this past fall and winter that I haven’t had a free moment to upload program photos and share what had been going on.

So, let’s get caught up!

I’m working from home today, due to crazy library renovations, which means I don’t have access to the photos on my work computer. That means there will be no fun pictures to break up all the wordiness of this post. I promise to post pictures another time.

Let’s go back to September, October and November. That was a great time filled with preschool visits, school visits, and local fairs and festivals that I was able to attend for work. (I have such a great job!) It was also when story time programs and S.T.E.A.M. started up again and when I started the Library Children’s Choir. (So much fun!)

Around this time, our branch head accepted a new job, we got a new branch head, and we learned the exact dates that our library would start major renovations (November!). Once renovations began in late November, the library turned into an ever changing maze. Each day was a different set up at the library, and programs ended up being cancelled or moved to new locations.

In December, the renovations were the main focus. When I wasn’t out doing programs or writing reports, I would help the staff move furniture and shift books. We were all thrilled to be free of the sound of jackhammers when the library closed for the holidays.

Renovations are a bit behind schedule, so staff have been shuffled off to other branches to work, or are enjoying a little longer holiday, and I get to work from home. I’m excited to see what progress has been made when I return to work on Tuesday. Hopefully computers and telephones will be back in service by then! ūüôā

And now we are all caught up. Pop by the library to see the new changes when they are finished.

Happy 2019 to you all!


SRC Celebration 2018

For our Summer Reading Club Celebrations this year, the kids played fun carnival games like Toilet Bowl Toss, Ring Toss, Face Painting and Fishing Booth. They earned tickets at each booth they went to and cashed their tickets in for treats and toys at our concession stand. We also celebrated those who have already completed their Reading Records.

Summer Reading Club is not over. Kids have until September 4 to earn points and finish filling out their Reading Record. Paralympian gold medalist Natalie Wilkie will had out medals on September 4 at 4:00. She will also draw names for our grand prize winners. If you can’t make it to the library on September 4, you have until September 17 to pick up your medal.

Until then, keep reading and having a great summer! See you all in September!


Summer Reading Club Week 7 cont.

Sally and Jesses from Pico Puppet Palace entertained us with an amazing performance of Pico and the Golden Lagoon.

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Summer Reading Club: 2018 Week 7

We started this week off with a bang. For Book Smack today, we had several courageous children get up and talk for 30 seconds about a book they read. Many ended up getting marshmallows thrown at them for taking longer than 30 seconds while a few were able to beat the clock and walk away unscathed. Whether or not the kids were on the receiving end of a flying marshmallow, fun was had by all.

After Book Smack, we had¬†a fun S.T.E.A.M. activity. We¬†created Little Red Riding Hood’s town complete with houses, a playground, school, skate park, dirt bike park, hospital, zoo and woods for Little Red to navigate around in order to get to Grandma’s house. Little Red (our Ozobot), went off exploring different paths a few times, but eventually arrived at Grandma’s safe and sound. (She did end up taking a quick trip to the hospital after visiting the skate park, though.)

Summer Reading Club: 2018 Weeks 5 & 6

For week 5 of Summer Reading Club, we did Origami with Eiko, Yoga Story Time with Lisa, and Book Smack & S.T.E.A.M.

For week 6, we started with Jedi Training Academy. (Check out some of the cool costumes that we had. Those Storm Troupers¬†were made out of recycled materials!) Next, we had¬†Motion Commotion in Space¬†with Colleen O’Hare from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada- Okanagan Centre.


Summer Reading Club Continued

This week was full of exciting and educational experiences.

First, Leif David showed us some super cool magic tricks.

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Next, we had two conservation officers come and teach us what to do when we encounter a predator in the wild and how to identify wild animals. Remember everyone, it is illegal to feed wild animals.


Last, but not least, we had The Pinky & Pretzel Show with Taryn. Pinky is a corn snake and Pretzel is a  ferret. Pretzels sister Squirrel also came and played with the kids.

So sorry that I don’t have pictures of the ferrets. I was too busy with crowd control at that point. Also, sorry for the blurriness of the bottom picture. I was zooming in from far away so that I wouldn’t have to get close to the snake. I guess camera phones aren’t meant to zoom in clearly from that distance.


Summer Reading Club 2018 Update

Here’s a peek at some of the fun programs we’ve had at the library so far this summer.

Book Smack and STEAM

The kids all got a chance to talk about a book for 30 seconds. Most of them went over time and had marshmallows thrown at them to let them know their time was up. We then did a fun STEAM activity with KEVA Planks, Lego, and Ozobots. The kids created a city for the Ozobot and drew roads for it to follow. The team work and creativity was fun to see.


Bubble Wonders

Geoff Aikens of Bubble Wonders came and showed us through his bubble presentation that Anything Is Possible!


Maker Crew

The ORL Maker Crew showed us how a 3D printer and green screen work. We even got to try using a handheld 3D printer!


Opera Kelowna: The Joy of Song

We even had Opera in the library! Thank you Haley for a wonderful presentation and for singing to us.